A Connecticut Reader Predicts That Senator Christopher Dodd Will Drop Out
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From: Paul Streitz (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Attention Senators Dodd, Reid and Specter: Prepare Your Resumes!

After discussing Christopher Dodd's political future with my concerned Connecticut friends, we've concluded that he will not run in 2010. 

Dodd wants more money that he earns on his Senate pay of $164,000 annually. The reason is that Dodd wants money which he can easily earn from the millionaires and billionaires flocking around his Senate Banking Committee

Dodd's desire to live better started his downfall. First, he arranged a questionable mortgage. Then, as the banking crisis unfolded, it became more apparent that Dodd has been in the pockets of Wall Street for decades.

Since the scrutiny and criticism heaped on Dodd has been relentless in recent weeks, there is no advantage for Dodd to run in 2010. 

He will face a bruising re-election and, as Guzzardi predicted, would probably lose.

Most likely, Dodd will go to Washington and become a corporate lobbyist earning a high six-figure salary.  Dodd has been good to the Wall Street guys. In return, those that are still around will be good to him.

As Guzzardi noted concerning immigration, no one has a worse record than Dodd. As a member of Peace Corps in Latin America, Dodd has been a tireless worker for Fidel Castro and massive immigration into the United States.

Paul Streitz is a co-founder of CT Citizens for Immigration Control, was a Minuteman on the AZ border in 2005, and is the chairman of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee.  He is the author of AMERICA FIRST, Why Americans Must End Free Trade, Stop Outsourcing and Close Our Open Borders.

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