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A WA State Reader Says Aliens Use Cash Because They Can't Balance A Check Book; etc.

From: Linda Thom (e-mail her)

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: Looking for (Illegal Immigrants)? Follow The Cash

A major reason why some Latin American residents in the U.S. use cash is that many can't read or write in Spanish, let alone English. They cannot do simple arithmetic either.

Americans take basic academic skills for granted. We have free public education but a large percentage of Mexicans, Guatemalans and Salvadorans did not complete grammar school.

Liberal do-gooders talk about teaching skills to immigrants so they can get jobs but they apparently don't know that they first must teach them to read. Good luck!

I was a member of a federal jury panel in Los Angeles and the Mexican plaintiff could not spell his name. When he told the court, in Spanish, that he could not the judge stopped the interpreter from translating the remark.

During deliberations, some of the jury members couldn't understand why the plaintiff did not keep his checks or receipts. I explained to them that he couldn't read or write so he had no checks and wouldn't know which receipts to keep since he couldn't read them.

I wrote about the case in, More Than Borders Separate Us [PDF] in the Spring 1997 issue of The Social Contract.

Linda Thom is a refugee from California. She formerly worked as an officer for a major bank and as a budget analyst for the County Administrator of Santa Barbara. Her VDARE.COM archive is here.

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A Former CA Highway Patrol Officer Says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Is Consorting With Crooks

From: Dave Hollenbeck: ( e-mail him)

According to a story on the Majority Accountability Project webzine, "Is Harry Reid At The Chicken Ranch Today," the Nevada Democrat gave the keynote address this week at a fundraiser organized by a former brothel executive and alleged fugitive.

[VDARE.COM note: Read the entire story, with details involving born-again-immigration enthusiast Reid's other questionable associations here. And Michelle Malkin about "Dirty" Harry Reid here. Also, see the invitation to the event posted on the Democratic Party website here.]

Kristian Forland, (parties interested in purchasing tickets to the dinner were directed to Forland's e-mail for information) resigned late last week as a Nevada coordinator from New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson presidential campaign after media reports surfaced that he was wanted on a felony arrest warrant in California.

The warrant was issued when Forland, charged with four counts of writing bad checks, failed to appear in Los Angeles County Court.

The Associated Press reported that:

"Forland also was arrested twice, once last year and again last month, in his home of Elko, Nev., on a similar bad check charge out of Las Vegas."

According to the same article:

"Forland also was investigated by Elko police after women working at Mona's Ranch, a legal brothel, complained he was shorting them on their pay." ["Richardson Aide Out After Brothel Revelation," Associated Press, August 22, 2007]

What is astounding to me is that loyal Democrats continue to vote for crooks like Reid operating under the notion that, okay, he's a crook but he's our crook and he brings the money home.

Hollenbeck spent more than thirty years as a California Highway Patrol officer in southern California. He is retired and lives in Arizona. Read his previous letter here

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A CA Reader Says A Fence Will Keep Out The "Scummiest Of The Scum"—Like Elvira

From: Jack B. Quick

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Blog: Deportation: As Easy As One, Two, Three

I used to believe that a fence was useless. Since then I've realized that not only would a fence stop hundreds of thousands more illegals each year but it will also keep out the scummiest of the scum like Elvira Arellano.

Currently anyone flying into the U.S. has to submit a fingerprint and show identification. The system isn't perfect but what it means is that criminals and repeat offender illegal aliens have to walk across the border if they want to get in…no easy trick if we have a fence. And at the $3.5 billion cost estimated by VDARE.COM's Edwin S. Rubenstein, the fence would pay for itself within a few years.

Criminals, drug dealers and terrorists have an easier time getting into the U.S. than they do Canada because they can walk across the U.S./Mexico border but must fly into Canada.

That protects Canadians from the real dirt bags like Arellano and the MS-13 types since they don't take planes.

Quick works in financial services and lives in northern California. His previous letters are here.

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A WA State Reader Has A Simple Standard For Legal Immigration

From: Fred C. Porter (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Column: On Philippe Legrain's Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them

One question alone should determine whether we need more legal immigration: Would it be good for America?

Porter is a retired CPA. His previous letter to VDARE.COM is here.

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A Texas Minuteman Thanks Peter Brimelow for Alien Nation And VDARE.COM

From: William Breaux (e-mail him)

I originally got involved with border issues in 2000 after reading Internet stories about Farmingville, New York and its troubles with illegal immigration and after seeing Mexican and other Latin American flags hanging from rear view mirrors of cars in my neighborhood.

Around the same time, I also discovered that while I was driving, Hispanics in old vehicles surrounded me. And I saw dozens of men on street corners looking for work.

This, remember, was seven years ago. Today it is much worse.

I've watched my alma mater, Waltrip High School, go from well over 90 percent white, black and Asian in 1975 to nearly 90 percent Hispanic in 2007.

In my hometown of Houston, illegal aliens fill emergency waiting rooms and on our freeways the dangers of being caught in crossfire with gangs and coyotes is constant.

To do my part in the fight against illegal immigration, I joined U.S. Border Watch and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp.

U.S. Border Watch held rallies in Austin and San Antonio to support jailed border patrol agents. We have raised money on their behalf at those and other events throughout Texas.

In September 2006 several U.S. Border Watch and Texas Minutemen, joined by Iowa Congressman Steve King and Jim Gilchrist, held a border watch in Laredo.

During the first week of April, 2005 my Minuteman colleagues and I helped deter more than one hundred illegal aliens for three days. At the end of the third day, the aliens were trucked out in the dead of night by federales

We have helped guard the Falfurrias, TX border check point and demonstrated at Dr. Lee Vickers ranch. Vickers, a Falfurrias veterinarian, estimates that 100 illegal aliens pass through his property every evening.

CBS Evening News profiled Dr. Vickers and us. The story is here.

Our groups have protested in front of President George W. Bush's Crawford ranch.

I am a 50-year-old patriot, not a vigilante, nativist or racist. I was born into a Hispanic family and raised by Cajun adoptive parents who taught me how to be an American.

Every day I send out hundreds of e-mails warning people of the dangers in a hyphenated society that puts the interests of a foreign nation (Mexico) above the land I live in and cherish—the United States.

Thank you for VDARE.COM and Alien Nation which I am now lending to my colleagues and co-workers.

Peter Brimelow comments: Thanks for your kind words and your activism on behalf of all of us. Tell your friends that they don't need to borrow your copy of Alien Nation. They can download (free) their very own here!

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