A California Reader Reports That La Raza Goons Disrupt Ceremony Honoring Pete Wilson
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From: Marcellus Armiger: (e-mail him)

In San Diego , a ceremony honoring former mayor Pete Wilson was held on Saturday.

Wilson served as San Diego's mayor before becoming a U.S. Senator and governor of California.  [Wilson Statue Is Unveiled As Latinos, Gays Protest, By Jeanette Steele, San Diego Union-Tribune, August 26, 2007]

To commemorate his leadership in the revitalization of the downtown area, a bronze statue of his likeness was unveiled before a gathering of supporters and local big shots.

Unfortunately, the festivities were almost totally drowned out. 

A large contingent from the La Raza, along with sundry other radicals and malcontents, packed a designated protest area across a narrow street from the protected V.I.P. area.  They had come to excoriate Wilson for his support of Proposition 187 during the 1994 gubernatorial election.

Despite the large presence of San Diego Police Department officers who were augmented by hired private security, the agitators tried to ruin the ceremony. 

I was standing on an elevated platform just outside the secure area.  Those of us there could hear nothing. The master of ceremonies, former mayor and current radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock, as well as the other speakers, were overwhelmed by the din of drums, sirens, chanting and yelling coming from the hostile crowd.

Wilson and his wife Gayle remained gracious and steadfast in spite of it all.

Asked Wilson of the crowd:

"Isn't this a great country that anyone can make a perfect horse's ass of himself at any time?"  

This kind of obnoxious behavior is the norm here in occupied California. At nearly every rally or ceremony featuring someone associated with immigration control, the speakers are inaudible to the audience because of the blaring cacophony from the enemy. 

Armiger is on the staff of a Southern California college. Read his previous letters here.

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