A Reader Wonders If Houston Is Recruiting Police In Mexico
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From Elizabeth Theiss, Houston, TX:

I'm beginning to wonder if Houston, a "sanctuary city", has been recruiting in Mexico to fill its notorious cop shortages. Very recently, a patrolman by the name of Alfred Alaniz was caught accepting bribes for those who want to avoid citations. This was found in an undercover sting operation. Around New Year's, a Houston police officer of Hispanic background celebrated his ethnicity by firing shots into the residence of a young Asian couple with a young child right across the street, barely missing a family member. [HPD officer accused of firing weapons at woman's home, by Kevin Quinn, KTRK-TV, 1/2/07]

Is it possible to find law-abiding cops at this dark moment in American history where lawlessness is regularly abetted by the Federal government?

James Fulford writes: It's not impossible that the HPD recruits in Mexico to fill its minority recruitment quota. (It recruited their African-American Police Chief from Phoenix, Arizona.) As Jared Taylor wrote in Paved With Good Intentions "What but an utterly mechanical search for nonwhite faces can explain that the California Highway Patrol has advertised job vacancies in Mexico in the hope of meeting affirmative action goals for Hispanics? "[P. 197] Taylor was referring to this story:

"The California Highway Patrol has reached into Mexico to beef up its minority recruitment programs. An advertisement for job candidates appeared in the Tijuana-based "El Mexicano," a Spanish-language newspaper that also circulates in the United States. CHP spokesman Dan Parker said a person does not have to be an American citizen to be in the patrol, but must be a legal resident of California. [Los Angeles Times, July 12, 1981(Quoted in Frederick Lynch's Invisible Victims, P. 26)]

But while these HPD officers could be of Mexican origin, there's no reason to suspect that the Mexican-American community can't produce American-born police officers as corrupt as their cousins south of the border. It's one of the products of diversity.

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