A Virginia Reader Uncovers The Latest Illegal Immigration Scam
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From: Carl F. Horowitz (e-mail him)

VDARE.COM readers might be interested in the latest wrinkle in illegal immigrant hustling

Certain Indian tribes have offered memberships for sale to aliens for as little as $50.00. The tribes promote this idea as a way for aliens to avoid deportation.

If you go to our National Legal and Policy Center website here, you will find the relevant details provided in interview between our NLPC Chairman, Ken Boehm and Chris Jansing of MSNBC. The interview is here.

I will be doing a long story within the next month on libertarians and why they can't be trusted on the National Question.

Horowitz is a director of the Organized Labor Accountability Project at the National Legal and Policy Center in Falls Church, Va. has a Ph.D. in urban planning and policy development and has taught planning at Virginia Tech. His VDARE.COM columns are here.

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