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An African American Reader in Illinois Says Illegal Immigration Hurts Unskilled Black Workers; etc.

From: Braveheart

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Blacks Join the Immigration Reform Fray—At Last!

Because African Americans have been identified with the Democrats, and also because Democratic leadership has positioned itself to embrace illegal immigration, there is a mistaken assumption among many that black Americans support open borders.

But the opposite is true. For the past forty years, African Americans have overwhelming and adamantly opposed illegal immigration because it hurts unskilled black laborers.

The results of a recent Zogby poll confirmed that those most against illegal immigration are "…African-Americans, women and people with household incomes below $75,000, those with the most to lose in the job market."

Braveheart is a graduate of Harvard University. Her previous letter is here. Send Braveheart mail c/o [email protected]

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A Canadian Reader, Living in Florida, Disagrees With a Fellow Canadian Immigration Enthusiast

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Today's Letter: A Canadian Reader Says U.S. Needs Immigrants in a Global Economy

As a Canadian living in Orlando (legally), I have witnessed first hand the negative impact of illegal immigration in Florida courtesy of the sub-prime loan meltdown. Accordingly I disagree with letter writer and fellow Canadian Leonardo Arbelaez that the U.S needs more immigrants.

There are many "uninvited guests" in Central Florida who have lived off the grossly inflated housing market that is propped up by overly generous home appraisals and liar's loans made available to anyone. The Bank of America, with its credit cards issued to illegal aliens, is one big reason for the region's economic collapse.

Now the housing market is crashing, equity is evaporating and income is drying up. Many who have depended on constant appreciation of their real estate assets can no longer use their homes as an ATM to finance their American lifestyle. And since many can't work legally, there's big trouble all around.

Not surprisingly, home invasions, car-jackings, robberies and homicides are on the upswing in Orlando. A bursting housing bubble fosters not only economic duress but more crime as well.

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A Naturalized Canadian, Born in Mexico, Views VDARE. COM Unhappily

From: Jesus Pena (e-mail him) 

Although I was born in Mexico, I now live in Canada as a naturalized citizen.

I amuse myself by reading the VDARE.COM webzine. The contributors are afraid of foreigners and write about them as if they are delinquents. Especially humorous are Steve Sailer's writings. He is very worried that whites in California will be a minority in less than a century.

Recently Sailer wrote a blog about the danger of piñatas. According to Sailer, when some kid is injured, he will get free hospital care. I have attended hundreds of birthday parties with piñatas in my lifetime and have not witnessed injuries in any of them, although the possibility exists. That's why adults supervise the events.

Brenda Walker, one of the site's most prolific writers, is another who promotes hate. In her January column, she called Mexico "a sewer" and linked to her previous columns that declared Mexico a failed state.

Mexico has many problems. Chief among them is the traffic in narcotics, which irremediably corrupts because of the incredible amount of money that drug sales to addicted American consumers generate. 

But even the webzine's own Allan Wall, who lives in Mexico, seems to love the country.

VDARE.COM's purpose is legitimate—to make people aware of breaches in immigration law.

But inaccurate, misinformed and exaggerated comments go uncontested by the webzine's editors. That practice is unfair.

Brenda Walker comments: Another devoted Mex-o-phile who doesn't live there! Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder and the head grow harder.

Let me paraphrase Harry Truman: "I never did give anybody Hate. I just told the truth and they thought it was Hate."

Mexico is justly infamous for worsening violence, pervasive sexism, a fondness for Marxican-style state control, and indifference to scholarly pursuits.

The real proof that Mexico is a "sewer" is reflected in the actions of tens of millions of Mexicans who are fleeing Latin America's richest country, but a country with some of the worst corruption and the most extreme income inequality.

I respect any who stay in Mexico to try to fix the place. To the rest, the invaders of our country, I say "Get on home!"

Steve Sailer adds: That's a really constructive attitude Jesus has. Instead of admitting that his ethnicity suffers disproportionately from accidents and that Mexicans need to work harder on safety, he is content to make unfunny wisecracks about VDARE.COM. But we are merely the bearers of the bad news.

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A Washington D.C. Reader Questions Diversity's "Vibrancy"

From: An Anonymous Attorney

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: Report from Occupied America: Sunday in the Park with Jorge

Steve Sailer paints an accurate portrait of the "joys" of Hispanic takeover of parks and other public spaces. 

I note this irony: for all the sightings of Hispanics doing landscape work, their own spaces are usually denuded.  The once-grassy fields they took over for soccer turn dirt-barren, and even the areas between the street and the sidewalk in Hispanic neighborhoods go from grass, blooming trees and flowers to dirt, dead trees and empty Tecate cans. 

Dog walkers can't help but notice that after a Hispanic festival held in local public parks—for example Prospect Park, Brooklyn on the day of the Puerto Rican Day Parade—how hard it is to pull Fido past the numerous discarded chicken bones.

The vibrancy of diversity, indeed.

"An Anonymous Attorney" is a former New York resident. His VDARE.COM blogs and columns are here. Send mail to him c/o [email protected]

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A CA Reader Asks: What If Paul Craig Roberts Is Right?

From: Roxan

Re: Saturday Forum: A Reader Pledges Loyalty to VDARE.COM—Despite Paul Craig Roberts

I read that many people are displeased with Paul Craig Roberts—calling him a "crackpot"—and that he should stick with the subject of illegal immigration. 

But what if Roberts is right?

I never believed that 9/11 could have been an inside job. On the other hand, it is so bizarre and incomprehensible that the Bush administration:  

  • Allows illegal aliens to continue to pour in.

  • Claims: "We're fighting the war over there so we don't have to over here..." yet Muslims, and especially Iraqi refugees, arrive in droves. All you need is one disaffected Iraqi to turn any mall in America into a death trap. 

  • Allows Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean to rot in jail (for doing their jobs) while Mexican drug runner Davila gets a free pass.

Homeland Defense Secretary Michael Chertoff and I.C.E. could go to any Home Depot and round up aliens all day long.

What's wrong with this picture? It would greatly relieve me and would be absolutely fantastic if Roberts is wrong.

But, as I asked earlier, what if he's right?

I wouldn't discount Roberts just yet.

Roxan lives near San Francisco and does medical transcriptions.

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A Conservative New Jersey Reader Calls Paul Craig Roberts A Joke

From: Ed Malone (e-mail him)

Re: Paul Craig Roberts Column: Impeach Bush and Cheney Now

Paul Roberts is a joke.  I have many problems with President Bush but Roberts should be writing for the Daily Kos.  Roberts is free to write anything he wants but you damage the VDARE.COM site by carrying his garbage. 

The President is running out of time to put, as Roberts calls it, his "police state" into place.  Or does Roberts think that a Bush coup in early 2009 will keep him in office?

I dig VDARE.COM but if you are going to include Roberts why not just add Baghdad Bob

Joe Guzzardi replies: A full week after a letter about the merits of his column appeared in our Saturday Forum, mail about Paul Craig Roberts continues to pour in. We'll sum it all up in a column early next week.

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A North Carolina Reader Challenges the AARP on Totalization

A few months ago, I challenged the president of AARP, Erik Olsen to express his organization's stand regarding the impending social security totalization agreement with Mexico. 

Although I wrote to Olsen via certified mail, he never replied.

Then, last week, I was watching South American and European soccer matches on a satellite channel available by subscription only, Noticias Internacionales, when I saw a slick AARP spot showing a potpourri of 58-ish looking Hispanics living the good life—fertilizing their prize-winning orchids, polishing their vintage collector motor coaches and similar upscale activities.. 

Missing from the ad were low-rider motorcycle gang-bangers with their prison tattoos.

The ad was almost surreal. The slick subliminal tone conveyed the impression that the US is full of these middle and upper middle class Hispanic retirees or soon-to-be retirees. But we know there is another, less pleasant side to the story. Does the AARP?

The commercial revealed AARP priorities.  And my guess is that one reason I haven't seen an AARP spot on Univision, which is available in most basic cable packages and widely seen throughout the US, is that they would like to keep their ad campaign promoting new membership under the Anglo radar. [Contact AARP here.]

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