Florida Teacher Suspended For Letter To Congressman
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Orange County (Florida) teacher Jan Hall has been suspended for a letter she wrote to her Congressman about the problems caused by the Puerto Rican children (and teachers) in her school, Sadler Elementary.

An Orange County elementary school teacher was suspended Wednesday over a letter asking for laws to be changed to prevent Puerto Ricans from coming to Orlando because they are "destroying the city every day," according to a Local 6 News report.

A handwritten letter by Sadler Elementary School teacher Jan Hall was addressed to a congressman and published in a local Spanish newspaper.

Hall's letter said Hispanics are causing American students to fall behind in school, Local 6 News reported.

"Schools are dealing with too many problems which originate in the language differences and that takes teaching time away from our American children whose parents do pay taxes," the letter said.

The letter has angered parents and members of the Hispanic community.

"I don't think she should be teaching at all," parent Betsy Santos said.

The Orange County School Board took action Wednesday after reading the letter.

local6.com - News - Teacher Suspended Over 'Puerto Ricans Destroying Orlando' Letter

She also said

"Puerto Rican teachers who work at my school are constantly asking me for help with math because they only received the equivalent of a fifth-grade education in Puerto Rico."

The Attorney For the School Board, Frank Kruppenbacher, said that she won't be back to that school, no matter what, and she's been placed on unpaid suspension.

Of course, the school board isn't allowed to control teachers' political opinions. But they keep trying.

The problems she referred to are the same ones seen in California, with the Hispanic immigrant population. The difference is that thanks to America's victory in the Spanish-American War, there's nothing that can be done about Puerto Rican migration to the mainland.

The Puerto Rican population of Orange County is large enough to make it worth a story in the Puerto Rican Herald complaining that the County wasn't allocating enough money to teach English.

Email Sadler School Principal Anne Lynaugh.


The district sent counselors to Sadler Elementary today, to help students who might have heard about the letter that triggered the suspension of teacher Jan Hall.Teacher's letter is 'no reflection' of school's staff - OrlandoSentinel.com: News

Are these supposed to be "grief counselers" or victory counselors? The only person injured here is the teacher, as far as I can see.

Updating Again:

It was El Nuevo Dia of Orlando that first published the letter, and it's all Sadler Elementary School, all the time, at their website. Here's their version of the story in English, and here's a link to their original story, with the letter translated into Spanish.

Here is an automatic translation back into English. The odd gap in the middle of word "Tuberculosis" is caused by the software refusing to allow bad words, the missing two syllables being Spanish for rear end.

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