A Colorado Reader Says Diversity Has Done Nothing For Blacks
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June 29, 2006, 05:00 AM
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From:  Terry Graham [e-mail her]

Boulder, CO is a sanctuary city, and I`m sure that many Latino students at the University of Colorado-Boulder are illegal aliens or children of illegal aliens.

A recent Colorado Daily story shows that promoting more "students of color" has done nothing for blacks. Last year at U.C.-Boulder, enrollment of "diverse" students increased 20 percent over the previous year. Latino and Asian students account for 6 percent each.

Yet while the Latino and Asian student body surged, black enrollment at the University of Colorado-Boulder has remained flat for 17 years. In 2005 and 1988 alike, African-Americans constituted 1.5 percent of enrollment.[Tempering numbers for minorities, Paula Pant, Colorado Daily, June 21,2006]

How is this good for blacks or for America?

What this so-called diversity proves is that the Rainbow Coaltion isn`t serving blacks, many of who are descendants of those who have been here since the founding of our nation.

Graham, a regular contributor to VDARE.COM, makes a point similar to July Johnson`s June 28th letter that mentioned that black students at UCLA are losing out to Hispanics and Asians regarding enrollment percentages.

Graham`s VDARE.COM columns about illegal immigration in Colorado are available here.