A Colorado Reader Says Diversity Has Done Nothing For Blacks
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From:  Terry Graham [e-mail her]

Boulder, CO is a sanctuary city, and I'm sure that many Latino students at the University of Colorado-Boulder are illegal aliens or children of illegal aliens.

A recent Colorado Daily story shows that promoting more "students of color" has done nothing for blacks. Last year at U.C.-Boulder, enrollment of "diverse" students increased 20 percent over the previous year. Latino and Asian students account for 6 percent each.

Yet while the Latino and Asian student body surged, black enrollment at the University of Colorado-Boulder has remained flat for 17 years. In 2005 and 1988 alike, African-Americans constituted 1.5 percent of enrollment.[Tempering numbers for minorities, Paula Pant, Colorado Daily, June 21,2006]

How is this good for blacks or for America?

What this so-called diversity proves is that the Rainbow Coaltion isn't serving blacks, many of who are descendants of those who have been here since the founding of our nation.

Graham, a regular contributor to VDARE.COM, makes a point similar to July Johnson's June 28th letter that mentioned that black students at UCLA are losing out to Hispanics and Asians regarding enrollment percentages.

Graham's VDARE.COM columns about illegal immigration in Colorado are available here.

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