A California Reader Says Bush Probably Wouldn't Mind An Amnesty-Minded Democratic House
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From:  [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Nancy Pelosi—Illegal Alien Employer?


Guzzardi wrote: "Bush is stuck with Pelosi as House Minority leader—and that's if he gets lucky."


Call me crazy but I don't think President Bush would mind a Democratic house too much. The first thing it would do is to give him his precious amnesty for 30 million illegal parasites and a guest scamnesty for countless millions of their closest friends and relatives.


Bush wants amnesty as much as he wants his next breath.


Of course the second thing they'd do is start impeachment hearings (okay with me), but Bush would win that in the Senate.


They also might cut off funding for the Iraqi war giving Bush an out from the monster he's created and doesn't know what to do with.


"Name Withheld" is a small business owner who lives in the Los Angeles area. He is moving east because of excessive immigration into California.

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