"School Nurse" Says Crisis Near In Occupied America
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From: "A School Nurse"

Recently, our Arizona governor, Janet Napolitano, gave her State of the State speech.  She vowed to get tough on illegal immigration especially by imposing fines on those who hire them

I hope this happens, but I doubt it.

Napolitano was met by a huge gathering of protesting illegals outside the Capitol.  These protests are the reason that nothing is getting done.  The politicians are afraid of the very conditions that they have created.  

There will be a huge problem with rioting in this country if we try to do anything about illegal immigration.  We'll have to stand up and face that challenge 

As I have written before, I work with illegals as a school nurse.  I feel their negativity daily and it is worsening. 

The aliens I come in contact with don't realize that I understand and speak Spanish. I hear the comments they make. After working in this position for 19 years, I hear them make speak among themselves about my Spanish not being up to their standards and that they need to hire a school nurse who speaks Spanish. 

Illegal aliens control more than we all think they do and they want more than we can imagine! They will get what they want—as long as everyone else is afraid!  

Being bilingual is required and is here to stay unless we do something now—and are ready to take the consequences of our actions.

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