A Reader Is Receiving Irritating Telemarketing Calls in Spanish
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From: Eric Kessler

Here's something that I wonder whether other VDARE readers have encountered: telemarketing calls in Spanish

I recently received such a call from someone who asked for me by name.  Since I don't have a Hispanic name, I see no reason why I should be targeted by Spanish-speaking telemarketers

I said to the caller, "Please speak English," but she continued to speak to me in Spanish.  I said, "I want to speak to someone who speaks English," but she persisted in Spanish so I hung up.  Now, when I get telemarketing calls in Spanish that ask for me by name, I simply hang up.

I wonder, if I were to say to them, in English, "Please put me on your Do-Not-Call list," and they continued to call (presumably because they can't understand English), whether they could be held liable under federal law or whether I have to learn how to say, "Please put me on your Do-Not-Call list" in Spanish (or in whatever language the telemarketer calls in) in order to trigger the federal law. 

Perhaps I should simply learn profanity in Spanish to use next time they call.

Joe Guzzardi comments: I have not received any telemarketing calls in Spanish but that might be the wave of the future. One of my ESL students recently told me she would not be returning to class. She has a new job in telemarketing where, according to her, she "speaks Spanish all day long."

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