Retired NY State Government Official Says Democrats On Ropes
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From: Tom Sturdivant (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Chuck Schumer: His Immigration Advocacy May Doom Colleague Kirsten Gillibrand

In his column, Guzzardi wrote:

"And not only will Gillibrand have Schumer's dead weight amnesty to bear as she campaigns to save her seat, she'll also have the albatross of Governor David Paterson's unpopularity.

"For Gillibrand, Paterson represents a double liability. Many Democrats are still angry with Paterson for appointing Gillibrand to the Senate instead of Caroline Kennedy.

"Worse, Paterson's popularity is in the tank. If he remains at the top of the Democratic ticket, he could take down Gillibrand with him."

Paterson is indeed in the tank.

The governor represents such a liability to the Democrats that President Barack Obama has asked him to withdraw his reelection bid to make way for the vastly more popular Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. [White House Asks That Paterson Drop New York Campaign, by Raymond Hernandez and Jeff Zeleny, New York Times, September 20, 2009]

For a black Democratic president to ask an incumbent black Democratic governor of a key Democratic state to effectively resign is unprecedented and exposes both the weakness and the fear among party leadership.

Obama's meddling in state politics also is more proof, although more is not needed, about what an egomaniac the president is.

The question of who will represent New York on the 2010 gubernatorial ticket could and should be decided at the state primary without Obama's interference.

Sturdivant worked in Albany. Previous letters from him concern New York Sen. Chuck Schumer's close ties to bankrupt Wall Street, the useless Caroline Kennedy and Obama's fading popularity.

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