A Reader In Middle America Runs Out Of Time Celebrating Multicultural Holidays
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From: "Airport Mole" (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: Happy Theodore of Tarsus/ St. Januarius Day! (Also Rosh Hashanah)

Unfortunately, some of us had no time to celebrate Theodore, Januarius,

Rosh Hashanah or whatever: yesterday, September 20th, was also the last day of Ramadan, and I had put in a 12-hour day to cover for all my Mohammedan colleagues who took the weekend off.

May I wish "Ciid Wanaagsan" to everybody!

"Airport Mole" works at a major international hub, far from the coasts, with daily flights from Asia and Europe (and, via Europe, Africa), through which the mobile populations of those continents are funneled into the smallest towns in the U.S. interior.  He claims to have lots of stories to tell.

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