A New York Reader Bids Good Riddance To Caroline Kennedy
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01/21/09 - A NY Reader Sees Parallels Between Caroline Kennedy, Illinois' Blagojevich

From: Tom Sturdivant (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe To Caroline—Stick To The Cocktail Party Circuit

In December, I wrote that beating back Caroline Kennedy's Senate bid would be a victory for immigration reform patriots.

Pop the champagne!

The official spin is that Kennedy decided to "withdraw her name" so that she could be at her dying Uncle Ted's bedside during his hours of greatest need. [Kennedy Withdraws Senate Bid, by Nicolas Confessore and Danny Hakim, New York Times, January 22, 2009]


But the greater probability is that Kennedy got word from Gov. David Paterson or someone in his office that her chances looked dim and she wanted to save herself the embarrassment of being officially passed over.

Here's the political evolution of what happened to poor, little rich Caroline.

As the process unfolded, Kennedy couldn't make her case that she was politically or administratively able to fill the Senate job. Polls continually showed Kennedy losing ground, mostly to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Furthermore, Kennedy failed to galvanize groups to support her around the issues. In fact, many women support Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, unfortunately for us a career "F" on immigration.

As time wore on and the more media scrutiny Kennedy faced, the greater the conflicts became. Instead of bringing New Yorkers together, as Kennedy and many others initially thought she would, a grassroots rebellion developed over her sense of entitlement.

By the way, although every other journalist initially described Kennedy's selection as a "slam-dunk," Guzzardi was the only one to get it right, writing in his December 19th column that eventually the media would pick her apart and that "my prediction is that Kennedy will drop out."

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Joe Guzzardi comments: Now if only I could predict the Super Bowl outcome, I could finally land on Easy Street!

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