On St. Patrick`s Day, An Irish-American Calls For National Unity—Even If It Includes WASPS!
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March 16, 2007, 04:00 AM
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From:  Warren O`Leary

Re: A Pro-Celtic Reader Reminds Us Of Anglo-Saxon Oppression

Dear Fellow Celt,

Two wrongs don`t make a "right"; Do unto others that you want done unto you. "If we don`t hang together, we will certainly hang separately"! As Our Lord Jesus, The Christ, taught us "Love thy Neighbor as Thy Self ".

Put your fears and righteousness into God`s care. A people divided against itself shall not stand! Let`s "bury the hatchet " and struggle together against our own common genocide/culturalcide.  Let`s celebrate Lent together with our European-stock brothers and sisters.

Pax Christi et Bonum!

Warren O`Leary is an old friend of VDARE.COM