Peter Laufer Writes On His March 27 Duke U. Debate with Peter Brimelow
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From:  Peter Laufer

Re: Another Reader Listens To Bay Area Talk Radio

Hello to VDARE.COM readers. I do encourage you to listen to my recent KPFA show, as is suggested by some of your correspondents, but don't be fooled by those who claim I'm worried about the March 27 debate at Duke University with Peter Brimelow.

On the contrary, it's part of my assignment to engage the issue with other points of view and not simply preach to the choir. That's why I accepted the invitation to the debate, that's why I invited Peter to join me on my Washington Monthly show, and that's why I invited the KPFA audience to come up with input regarding responses to Peter's positions on immigration.

Radio is theater, do remember. As I point out repeatedly in my book Wetback Nation one of the fascinating aspects of immigration study is that there is no simple and pat answer to the complex questions we're faced with along the U.S.-Mexico border. Read the book, listen to the radio shows, come to the debate.


Peter Laufer

Peter Laufer is a journalist and radio host

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