Peter Laufer Writes On His March 27 Duke U. Debate with Peter Brimelow
March 17, 2007, 04:00 AM
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From:  Peter Laufer

Re: Another Reader Listens To Bay Area Talk Radio

Hello to VDARE.COM readers. I do encourage you to listen to my recent KPFA show, as is suggested by some of your correspondents, but don`t be fooled by those who claim I`m worried about the March 27 debate at Duke University with Peter Brimelow.

On the contrary, it`s part of my assignment to engage the issue with other points of view and not simply preach to the choir. That`s why I accepted the invitation to the debate, that`s why I invited Peter to join me on my Washington Monthly show, and that`s why I invited the KPFA audience to come up with input regarding responses to Peter`s positions on immigration.

Radio is theater, do remember. As I point out repeatedly in my book Wetback Nation one of the fascinating aspects of immigration study is that there is no simple and pat answer to the complex questions we`re faced with along the U.S.-Mexico border. Read the book, listen to the radio shows, come to the debate.


Peter Laufer

Peter Laufer is a journalist and radio host