A Pro-Celtic Reader Reminds Us Of Anglo-Saxon Oppression
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03/10/07 - A Reader Says The H-1B Visa Program Makes A Mockery Of Representative Government

From:  Jill Pett

Re: Anonymous on Irish immigrants.

We agree on the need for the return of all illegal foreign nationals to their respective homelands including the Irish, but his/her intemperate diatribe reeks of the basest ethnic supremacy. He/she would profit from readings in Anglo-Irish history wherein Anglo-Saxon oppression of Celtic people left a black mark on their relationships for hundreds of years. Perhaps that is the reason for Irish politicians' prejudice in that regard.

James Fulford writes: VDARE.COM's focus is on the downside of various forms of immigration, including the immigration that happened in the nineteenth century, which is often romanticized. So, while we have Irish and Irish-American readers and writers, we question whether any immigration has been an unmixed blessing.

See The Camp of Saint Patrick...  by me, about the Famine Immigration, also Ganging Up On America, about the  Gangs Of New York era,  and a letter  responding to it: An Irish-American Reader Complains About Fulford's "Ganging Up On America." in which I claim that some of my best friends, (and ancestors and relatives, I might add) are Irish. In fact, I am much more relaxed about Anglo-Irish history than John Derbyshire, but that doesn't mean Derbyshire is wrong.

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