Charlotte Examiner Writer Says Little Green Footballs` Johnson Was Never Any Kind Of Conservative In The First Place
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02/22/11 - A Reader Wants Know If We Know Our ABCs

From: Mike Tuggle [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's article Little Green Footballs, The SPLC, Persecution Politics…And Real Persecution

Great piece on how conservatives are the real victims in today's political climate. I was at Jared Taylor's press conference, and was amazed how the police let the "antifa" scream obscenities at him in public, and that NO ONE in Charlotte city government condemned its mayor pro tem for abusing his power to stifle freedom of speech.

Below is the link to story I did on this outrage: Jared Taylor calls for apology from city of Charlotte - Charlotte City Politics |, January 31, 2011

One word about Mr. Johnson of Little Green Footballs: he was never a conservative. He was always a Wilsonian liberal eager to reconstruct the world. (See The Little Green Meltdown, Rebellion Blog, September 21, 2009 for background on Johnson's liberal beliefs.)

Thanks for making me familiar with the term "wowser"—it's perfect for folks such as Johnson and the multicult punks who threatened Jared Taylor.

Mike Tuggle writes for His bio is here.

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