A Midwestern Reader Laments The Consequences Of Somali Immigration
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From: A Midwestern Reader [Email him]

Re: Cooper Sterling's article "Do As I Say": The Paradox Of Eugenics And The Jews

This is an excellent article but I am afraid that it is already to late for the United States. Our communities are being overrun by Somali Bantus and other Third World Stone Age people.

I work with the meat-packing industry and several years ago I was on a tour through the production plant of a major client in the Midwest. This particular plant was staffed almost entirely with Somalis on the second or swing shift and as we were exiting a doorway I noticed what appeared to be a sign in what I can only describe as an illegible mass of letters and symbols.

 I asked the safety director what it was and he informed me it was a sign in Somali.

He then told me that they had only had a written language for about 30 or 40 years. I don't know if this is true or not, but I can tell you this.

Having dealt with these people over a number of years I can confirm that there is a distinct difference between their intellectual capabilities and the intellectual capabilities of the Russian and Eastern European Immigrants we have here in the Midwest. I should point out that we have large Serbian, Croatian, Russian and Polish communities in our cities.

James Fulford writes:  The story of the Somali alphabet is fascinating in itself—some of it does only date from 1972, when they had a revolution in Somalia at least partly in order to achieve a standard written language. They are supposed to be using  ordinary Latin  letters now(the 1972 revolutionaries pointed out that you could get typewriters for the Latin alphabet), but some old fashioned Somalians may still be using the "Osmanya script" which looks like this.

As an example of how old-fashioned and backward some of the Somalians are, refugee bureaucrat Sasha Chanoff was quoted in 2003 as saying "Do not assume they can open a door just because it has a doorknob." [New world awaits Bantus seeking refuge in Atlanta , By Mark Bixter, Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  February 23, 2003]

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