A Reader Wants Know If We Know Our ABCs
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02/21/11 - A Reader Compares Plight Of Christian Arabs To That Of America's Coming White Minority

From: A Reader [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's piece "NRI"–Non-Resident Indian Convicted Of Murder–Called "UK Man" In Headline

I was just reading James Fulford's  article about the term "NRI", non resident Indian.

Have you ever heard the term ABC, which means American Born Chinese?

It is used by Chinese immigrants here, they say ABCs are Chinese outside but American inside.  I don't know if it is used in the general Chinese or Chinese immigrant press.

James Fulford writes:  Yes, I have heard of ABCs. I think I was introduced to the term by John Derbyshire, ten years ago. Being Chinese on the outside and American on the inside is actually a good result, (called assimilation)although natives of China may not feel that way. A recent article here [Morality And The Model Minority—Chinese Immigration Not An Unmixed Blessing] suggested that "Too many Chinese here remain loyal to China," which is more worrisome.

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