An Unemployed Reader Agrees With Dr Norm Matloff That There's No Tech Labor Shortage
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Re: Dr. Norm Matloff–Labor Shortage? What Shortage?

From: Virgil Bierschwale [Email him]

Don't know if y'all saw this article, but it blows their argument way apart.

I titled it "India, what is this that the Wall Street Journal is saying that you graduate millions but too few are fit to hire?" [, April 6, 2011.]

Here is one that I think describes what we need to be doing: What will it be Teksystems & Nucor, Do we turn and run or stand and fight?

Keep up the good work!

Virgil Bierschwale is an unemployed software engineer in Texas. He says "I was chasing the American Dream until it was pulled out from under me and I fell off a cliff in 2003 and haven't yet recovered". His website is Keep America At Work.

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