A Worker's Compensation Defense Attorney Says He's NEVER Deposed An Honest Immigrant
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Re: Anonymous Attorney's article  Diversity Is Strength: It's Also…Illegals Invoking the Law

From: "Adi" [Email him]

I'm a worker's compensation defense attorney employed by one of the largest firms in the state. In my (admittedly brief) career, I have seen fraud on a scale that would make the most corrupt crook in Bombay blush with shame. And the rewards of such fraud would make that same crook turn green with envy.

Your legal interlocutor, "Anonymous Attorney," has discussed the utter shamelessness with which our friends from south of the border abuse the law. I can aver with all honesty that I have never deposed a single honest "immigrant." Day in and day out, I depose men and women who complain of non-existent aches and pains and demand exotic treatments including psychological counseling. Needless to state, none of them has ever been in the tri-county vicinity of a shrink, but the wonders of liberalism allow them to visit Beverly Hills physicians on the insurer's dime. And of course, the first thing that wise Latinas do, is create an anchor. Or two, just in case; especially since Medi-Cal is footing the bill.

A dirty little secret about this system is the disproportionate involvement of foreigners. Very few involved on the defense side. Most, unlike me, are busy protecting the "rights" of the "injured worker," and making money hand  over fist. Foreigners, mostly Hispanic and Middle Easterners, are disproportionately represented as medical "doctors," "attorneys" and "hearing representatives." Each and every one is determined, vampire-like, to drain the Californian of every last drop of blood. And none of them feels a thing, except utter contempt for the White Man, who has made this system possible. And that is the second dirty little secret. Everyone involved, from the "immigrant" to his "attorney" has nothing but contempt for the descendants of the people responsible for turning this land into the "Golden State." The result is ever-escalating costs of business and living along with a growing underclass that arrives here primarily for generous benefits. And the social parasites who build bungalows in Malibu after fleecing insurers and taxpayers.

I cannot understand why White Americans don't take their country back. While there are sufficient White collaborators, I believe, anecdotally, that most Whites are waking up to the situation. They may be subdued by the forces of political correctness but they are neither stupid nor blind. They may not be agitating, but they are voting with their feet.[Whites in state 'below the replacement' level, by Justin Berton, SF Chronicle, Saturday, June 5, 2010] 

Which brings me to immigration enforcement. Actual maintenance of the integrity of the border coupled with aggressive local measures (such as Arizona SB 1070) can and will slow down the Hispanicization of the US and will improve our quality of life. 

Which is why our political establishment will never do it.

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