A Reader Asks When People Who've "Offended" Will Have The Courage To Say "I Said It And I Meant It"
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04/05/11 - A Liberal Democrat Agrees With Much Of Allan Wall's Analysis, Favors Immigration Controls

Re: Allan Wall's column Mexican Meddler Maus Fights Immigration Sanity In Georgia

From: "ML Grand" [Email]

Another excellent Allan Wall piece. I'm glad he's emphasizing the importance of the states' role in the effort. Wall wrote

"Later he [Mexican consul Teodoro Maus] demanded and received an apology from a radio talk show host who had suggested machine guns and guard towers be placed on the border."

When oh when are people like this talk show host and the board of education chairman, and our own so-called leaders, going to muster the courage to say,

"No, I won't apologize. I said it and I meant it. You may think it is your citizens' right to invade and destroy this nation, but our citizens disagree, and the last time I looked, our citizens have a 'right' to have a say about who does and doesn't have a 'right' to enter this country. They certainly have a 'right' to say who will not be allowed to despoil it. Furthermore, you may think you personally have a 'right' to meddle in our business, although Mexico would oust any American trying to do the same there. So we deny your right to continue meddling. I suggest you return home and focus your considerable talents and intelligence on reforming your own country's corrupt and chaotic system."

And what a brilliant philosophical thinker Maus is. "Human beings are not illegal." He's right up there with Descartes. "I think, therefore, I am."  "I breathe, eat, poop and pee, therefore, I am not illegal." It's just that you're breathing and eating at our expense, in a place you have no "right" to be, and pooping and peeing all over our rights and our nation.

 Wall writes

"So why do Americans put up with this? If we followed the Mexican example, Teodoro Maus would have been expelled years ago."

You are so right. Once again, a little courage on the part of our "leaders" could make that happen. But I forget, silly me, they want them here, and they welcome the meddling. Oh well…

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