An Oregon Reader Is Appalled At Oregonian's Portrayal Of Portland As Too White
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From: Terry Baker: (e-mail him)

From a front page story:

"As the nation's first African American president prepares to take office this week, metro Portland—with its overwhelmingly white population and leadership—is demographically out of step with 2009 America.

"Among the nation's 40 largest metro areas, only four—none of them in the West—are whiter than Portland, new census figures show." [In a Changing World, Portland Remains Overwhelmingly White, by Betsy Hammond, The Oregonian, January 17, 2009]

I was appalled and offended that this is front-page news. Could you imagine an mainstream media article talking about Detroit being too black? Or Los Angeles having too many Mexicans?

Why is it that whites in this country are allowed to be punching bags?

I grew up in a "diverse" East Coast area that is getting more and more diverse (in other words, unlivable) each day thanks to illegal and legal immigration.

I'm glad I live in Portland— the crime rate is low, violent crime even lower and the schools are decent.

If Portland reflects what a lack of diversity brings, then I want more of it.

God bless our overwhelmingly white city. Somehow I bet we'll pull through this so-called  tragic lack of diversity just fine.

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