On Inauguration Eve, An American Exile In France Says Obama Is "Smart Enough" To Pass Amnesty Without "Risking His Career"
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From: "Nicolas" (e-mail him)

 Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Happy New Year! Why There Will Be No 2009 Amnesty

Guzzardi wrote:

"With all Obama's political smarts, he's not going to risk his career on the dicey gamble that amnesty represents." 

I must respectfully beg to differ. 

Men can do damage in one of two ways:   

  • Stupidity—straying off a straight course headed on the right path. 
  • Evil—the will not to do the right thing. 

The Bush administration packed plenty of both. 

Stupidity, fortunately, gets in the way of evil designs as well as good ones, so this might explain how a Bush amnesty never passed despite the shocking number of people who wanted it, badly.

Barak Obama is not stupid—on that I agree with Guzzardi. And I doubt that Obama is evil enough to deliberately destroy the U.S. once and for all by delivering the demographic coup de grâce

But if there is a way to pass an amnesty without destroying himself politically— "risking his career" as Guzzardi put it— Obama is certainly clever enough to do it.

Among Obama's post-amnesty supporters would be the treacherous (to their country and to their race) chieftains of the ethnic lobbies.

Others who would remain staunchly behind Obama include leftist clergymen—first found in France as "Gallicans" whose intellectual descendants were the "Constitutional Clerics". They supported the French Revolution while their principled confrères were butchered.

After Vatican I, they retreated into silence but their toxic power has continued to disserve the Catholic Church, especially since Vatican II.

And, finally, Obama would find comfort in the endless numbers of Third World slaves to the Democratic Party's welfare machine who would become his new fans.

Even in a democracy there is more politically to gain or to lose than votes. 

"Nicolas" is an American citizen exiled indefinitely in Europe.  He adds that as "depressing as it is to watch 'The Camp of the Saints' play out in reality in France, he hopes the impending and gloomy demise of America will at least wake up the rest of the Occident before it is too late."

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