An Oregon Reader Says ICE Is Arresting The Wrong People
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08/27/08 - A New York Reader Notes That Hardworking Mississippians Are "Not Yet Swayed" By Pro-Immigration Hogwash

From: Terry Baker (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Raid In Mississippi

Sweeping in and arresting hundreds of illegal aliens at a factory creates too many sympathy stories and doesn't send the right message.

Targeting illegal workers during a raid creates publicity problems for immigration control advocates. If President Bush were serious about enforcing immigration laws, he'd go after the people hiring the aliens.

All ICE agents have to do is arrest a mere four people at each company:

1)   the CEO

2)   the Vice President

3)   the General Manager

4)   the Manager of Human Resources

Walk them out of the plant in handcuffs. Arraign them, set bail, prosecute them, fine them and sentence them to jail time.

Drying up the jobs will go a long way towards stopping illegal immigration into the country.

As a result, there will be no sob stories because instead of crying mothers separated from their anchor babies, you'll have executives taking advantage of people who just want to "do the jobs American's don't want to do".

Neither the right nor the left will have pity on greedy management.

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