An Iowa Reader Wonders Why Government Officials Are Not Investigated For Their Complicity In The Postville Raids
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From: The Dubuque Observer (e-mail him)

May 12th is the first anniversary of the ICE raid on the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa. Was it successful?

The owner of the plant is in jail and has offered every excuse imaginable to avoid prosecution, getting help from his Hasidic Jewish community locally and nationally. But neither the judges nor the prosecuting attorneys have fallen for the bullying. 

But one can, with cynicism, reflect that no official from any level of Iowa state government or from the local municipal government has been investigated or charged for any wrongdoing—such as encouraging illegal aliens to Iowa and then turning a blind eye to the identity theft and abuse of labor laws. 

And, of course, the "Religious Left" continues to push for amnesty for illegal aliens. Happily, their audiences and sympathizers have dwindled.

Iowa newspapers place stories about the raid in two places: back pages for the facts about the case and front pages for sob stories about the illegal aliens' plight. But the general population gives them no sympathy.

If the results of the raid (I call it "a campaign to enforce federal immigration laws") were successful, then we can look toward the central part of Iowa for other problems.

In Marshall County, home to another meatpacking plant and thousands of Mexicans, Iowa's highest number of swine flu cases, now called for politically correct reasons H1N1, has been recorded.

Of course, that's no coincidence.

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