Rep. Luis Gutierrez OKs ID Theft For Illegals Who Just "Want To Work"
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The Democratic congressman from Chicago, who has been using his office of trust to preach to "xenophobic and anti-immigrant" Americans that illegals are people "who clean our toilets, make our beds, watch our children, pick our produce," is now on record as approving of them stealing our Social Security cards as long as they're used only to gain employment,  [Politics led to Postville raid, Democrat alleges, by Tony Leys, Des Moines Register, July 27, 2008]
Gutierrez said federal authorities filed unfairly tough criminal charges against the workers. He said most of the workers were charged with aggravated criminal identity theft, which means they allegedly stole someone's Social Security number with the intent to gain something, such as a credit card.

"Well, we haven't heard testimony here that anybody did anything with Social Security cards other than going to work," he said.

Memo to "The Honorable" Rep. Gutierrez: Here, allow me to draw you a picture using the same writing tools that you and many of your House colleagues use to mark up legislation aimed at advancing your amnesty agenda. And, please, try to stay with me on this, OK? When you use a legitimate Social Security card that has been stolen to get a job that many Americans used to do but for wages that allowed them to support their families, have you not "gained something"?
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