A CA Nurse Says That, As American Charities` Resources Shrink, Mexico Must Take Care Of Its Own
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From: Bob Cobb (e-mail him)

Late in 2008, I wrote to VDARE.COM twice about the shortages in the Orange County food banks and chastised the reporters who covered the story for failing to mention the impact illegal immigration has on the charities.

Now the crisis has deepened. And while illegal immigration is still not identified as a contributing factor, there are very large hints that it plays a major role.

In her May 6th story, Sarah Tully names two applicants turned away because of shortages. [Demand Doubles at Orange County Food Bank, by Sarah Tully, Orange County Register, May 5, 2009]

One is Teresa Martinez whose husband, a painter, works only two days a week.

The other is Maria Hernandez. Her husband is a landscaper who also works fewer hours than he did in previous years.

According to Hernandez: "I'm sad because I thought it would be different."

What Hernandez means is that she thought taking jobs from Americans and riding the social service gravy train would go on forever.

America should take care of its own first. And while I cannot take any pleasure in people going hungry, Martinez, Hernandez and the other Orange County illegal aliens (its Hispanic population is 33 percent) are Mexico's responsibility.  

Cobb works in the intensive care unit of a major metropolitan hospital. A previous letter from him opposing organ transplants for immigrants is here.

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