An Engineer In Alabama Lists Nine Ways To Hate "Diversity"
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog post CDC: Maybe Our Vaccine Priority Philosophy Of Diversity-Inclusion-Equity You Trailertrash [or DIE YT for Short] Needs A Bit Of A Rethink

From: An Engineer in Alabama [Email him]

How do I hate "Diversity"? Let me count the ways!

  1. “Diversity” is anti-social justice.

By which I mean actual social justice, of course. There are many problems in our nation that should be solved. Every year we spend a trillion dollars on pointless endless overseas wars, while starving our own economy of resources. Ditto the tens of trillions of dollars we spend subsidizing and bailing out Wall Street. Education is too expensive, and is forcing a generation into permanent debt-slavery. Rents are too expensive, and homelessness is growing. Medical care is too expensive, and even people with "good" (i.e., expensive) insurance can be bankrupted by the new innovation of "surprise medical billing."

One example: more and more people with diabetes are getting sick and even dying because they cannot afford to buy insulin, a public domain drug that costs pennies a dose to make. This should outrage us all, but we can’t do anything about this because all our efforts have been channeled into "celebrating diversity."

Is there any evidence at all that "diversity" is doing anything other than blocking real actions aimed at solving the real problems that people face?

  1. "Diversity" is divide and conquer

Let the working-class squabble with each other in a zero-sum competition for crumbs while our corrupt oligarchs make off with the entire loaf.

  1. "Diversity" is only for little people

White people are supposed to sacrifice their jobs and career opportunities in the name of "diversity" and "equity." What are the 600 or so mostly white billionaires who run this country supposed to sacrifice? Hahaha!

  1. Diversity is dehumanizing

Those diversity seminars run by that nice black lady will gush about the full spectrum of human experience, but that’s a lie. "Diversity" reduces every individual to a race and a gender (and maybe sexual orientation on the side but even then rarely). When an organization is rated on its adherence to "diversity" achievements, you are reduced to two checkmarks on a spreadsheet: race and gender. That’s it. All your different talents, achievements, hopes, dreams, unique insights, none of that matters.

  1. Diversity is forced population growth

Our government does not have an immigration policy. It has a policy of forced population growth. We let in criminals and saints, the smart, the mediocre, the stupid, the victims, the victimizers… it is a brutal amoral policy of treating people like cattle and maximizing population growth to the exclusion of any other criteria, to drive wages down and rents and profits up—the environment be damned if the rich want cheap labor! But that doesn’t sound very good. So let’s put lipstick on this pig and "celebrate diversity."

  1. Diversity is an abusive top-down totalitarian corporate boot stomping on a human face

The American people didn’t have a referendum and vote for "Diversity" as God. “Diversity” is not in the constitution, and it didn’t result from popular debate or the bottom-up will of the people. "Diversity" was concocted by our rulers, and jammed down our throats by their control of the media and institutional power—and woe betide any who dare to criticize. It’s the political thought control of a Lenin or Mao. Even if I did not despise "Diversity" for so many other reasons, this alone would be enough to hate it.

  1. “Diversity” is idiocracy

That nice lady running the mandatory "Diversity" seminar will say that we don’t live in a meritocracy. For once she has a point. Nepotism and favoritism and cronyism will always be with us. Does anyone think that George W. Bush got to be a US president, or Ted Kennedy to be a US Senator, because of their own abilities? And look at all those rich bankers, who have been handsomely rewarded for driving their firms off a cliff...

But just because there is now very little in the way of a meritocracy amongst our elites, to conclude that we must therefore purge it from the rest of society is… idiotic! We should be demanding more meritocracy, not less!

Whether the checkout person at the grocery store is barely competent or another Einstein doesn’t matter. But for many professions excellence does matter, and better is superior to barely good enough (if not grossly incompetent). Doctor, dentist, engineer, scientist, airline pilot, architect, policeman, statesman, plumber, teacher… ”Diversity” kills the always-less-than-perfect-but-always-vital striving for excellence and achievement that is the core of any solid functioning society.

Idiocracy” was an amusing 2006 film starring Luke Wilson, but it painted too rosy a picture of what happens when morons are running things. Think instead how things are today in Somalia.

  1. Diversity is anti-black racism.

Say what? At the beginning of the civil rights era, blacks got the right to unionize and negotiate for higher pay and better working conditions. They were starting to do pretty well at blue-collar jobs, until the rich fired them en masse and replaced them with Mexican nationals who could be forced to work for cheaper.

Blacks gained the right to vote, and lost the ability to earn a decent living. Maybe not such a great trade.

That’s why “Diversity” status was given to Mexicans, etc., even though they have no legitimate claim, to make it easier for the rich to fire American blacks. Oh sure, there are a lot of upper-middle class black professionals doing well with their special “Diversity” goodies, but the bulk of the blue-collar black working class has been thrown under the bus.

  1. Diversity is anti-white racism

If I apply for a job or funding opportunity, and am told that I cannot because I am white, that’s anti-white racism. (OK it’s also anti-northeast Asian racism).

As far as "Diversity” being payback for past discrimination, you can stuff that. I didn’t discriminate against anyone, nor did I benefit from that. I don’t believe in racial guilt, but if you want to play that game: black slavery in the United States was put into place by a small number of rich plantation owners, aided by Arabs and black African chieftains. Class war not racism. The majority of American whites were opposed to slavery, and they fought a bloody war to end it – the only time in history that slavery was ended while it was still more profitable than free labor! (Well there was the Haitian slave revolt but that’s another kind of thing). So as a white American addressing the descendants of black slaves, I can only say: you’re welcome.

And of course, for decades now the vast majority of people getting special racial “Diversity” status are post-1965 third-world refugees and their US born descendants. They have zero claim for redress of past grievances.

Working-class whites have nothing to atone for.

“Diversity” is anti-white racism, period.

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