An AZ Reader Reports That—Surprise!—Enforcement Works
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From: Barbara Hutton (e-mail her)

The Legal Arizona Worker's Act that penalizes illegal alien employers, now on the books for nearly two years, has had the anticipated effect. The state is suddenly less attractive to illegal immigrants.

Among the many positive consequences is that births to Hispanic women are significantly down.

According to the state's Office of Vital Records, during the first eleven months of 2008, Arizona recorded 90,876 total births versus 84,368 during the same 2009 period.

Overall births to Hispanics (mostly anchor babies) declined 6.8 percent to 42,639 from 2007 to 2008. [In Down Economy, Arizona Has Fewer Births, by Ginger Rough, Arizona Republic, December 30, 2010]

What great news to start 2010!

Hutton's previous letter about the Mexican government's meddling in Arizona law enforcement is here.

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