A Jewish Lawyer Reader Tells Us About "Hannukah In Santa Monica"
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From: Mark Mallarde (e-mail him)

Re: Tom Piatak's Column: War Against Christmas 2009: Reflections On Hannukah, Christmas And "Nitel Night"

Having had some religious schooling, I learned long ago that the development of Hannukah as a winter festival is more of a Jewish adaption, call it Americanization, of the religion. It seasonally harmonizes the experience of Jewish children with the rest of their peers.

A strange twist: the only good Hannukah song and, indeed, the best out there, was performed by the least Jewish person alive, Garrison Keillor.

Hannukah In Santa Monica, a very catchy and amusing tune was written by Tom Lehrer at Keillor's request so he could perform it during his American Radio Show's broadcasts. (Listen here.)

Mallarde, a lawyer, lives near Santa Monica. Previous letters from him about Barack Obama are here and here. More Mallarde letters about "out of control" American women and the mainstream media's support of gay marriage are here and here.

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