A Chicago Reader Says Luis Gutierrez Is Following His Constituents` Wishes
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From: Delos Brown (e-mail him)

Re: Don Collins' Column: Democrat Decries His Party's Amnesty Bill Christmas Present

About H.R. 4321, the latest amnesty assault, Collins wrote:

 "How (Luis) Gutierrez and other Democrats in Congress can go home to their states for Christmas and face their constituents I simply cannot fathom."

But Luis Gutierrez's Illinois District 11 is nearly 30 percent Hispanic. The other co-signers, mostly from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, all have similar district profiles

So they would have no reason to be apprehensive about their constituents' reaction.

Instead, they may be viewed as conquering heroes. 

Joe Guzzardi comments: The national Hispanic unemployment rate is nearly 13 percent. In some states like California Hispanic unemployment, almost 16 percent, has for the first time in recent memory surpassed black joblessness. Assuming the voters who helped put Gutierrez and his colleagues into office are American citizens of Hispanic descent, they would have every reason to be outraged. 

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