An Arizona Reader Says Medical Care On The Civil War Battlefield Was Better Than What Awaits Americans
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From:  David Pittman

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: With California's Exit Exam Gone, So Is Credibility

Liliana Valenzuela, the non-English speaking California high school student who cannot pass the California exit exam yet aspires to be a nurse, is an example of the type of health care that the average American (the 90% of us who aren't part of the aristocracy) will soon get for medical services. 

The hospital where Valenzuela will work will be in a WalMart where various check out aisles will be set up for different medical procedures. 

Civil War battlefield care was better—at least doctor and patient spoke the same language.

After listening to the United States Senate immigration hearings last week on C-Span I'm not surprised at anything.

I fully expect that a new function of ICE will be to round up all English speaking American citizens at work sites.

In a mere five years of George W. Bush, America has gone from the melting pot to anarchy to a return to feudalism complete with lord and illegal alien serf with American citizens ranking below the illegal alien.

David Pittman's previous letter to VDARE.COM about "temporary" American workers is here.

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