An Agricultural Engineer Reader Predicts Bush Amnesty Means "Agrigeddon"
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From:  Harold Brewer [e-mail him]

Re: Peter Gadiel's Column: An Open Letter To President Bush: Why Are You Bringing Back Slavery?

I've coined a new word to predict what will happen if what Gadiel identifies as farm workers/slaves under Bush's guest worker program comes to pass: "agrigeddon," a combination of "agriculture" and "armageddon."

The flood of aliens into our society and the fundamental need for food is a dangerous combination.  

None of our leaders will use "slaves" to describe guest workers but that is what they are.

Humans are addicted to slavery and have used it for thousands of years. But let me offer a good reason to give it up.

People who serve grow stronger while those served grow weaker. Bush and his buddies may think they have it all their way, but history will not be denied.

Illegal immigrants will eventually become so strong that they will take over.

It may take a few generations but in history time doesn't matter. The irony is that when the immigrants dominate, they become masters and bring in slaves to serve themselves. And the slave-to-master-to-slave cycle starts over.

How many people recognize the similarity between bringing black slaves to America to do low skill agricultural jobs like picking cotton and bringing brown slaves to do "jobs Americans won't do" like picking strawberries?

Black slavery lead to the Civil War, America's hellish nightmare.

We can predict that brown slavery will also lead to a Civil War. The only question is when.

From servile black in 1860 to militant black in 1960 was 100 years. So, if our analysis of slave-to-master-to-slave is accurate, then by 2100 we will leave another hellish nightmare to our great grandchildren.

The wolves that prowl our border are gobbling us up.

Brewer was born in Wichita and raised on a farm in central Kansas. He served in the U.S. Air Force during the Berlin Airlift and the Korean War. After leaving military service, he attended the University of California and received degrees in agricultural engineering from Berkeley and Davis.

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