A Chicago Reader Says He Pays the Bill for the Marching Anarchists
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From:  Jim Ihlenfeld [e-mail him]

Re: Dave Gorak's Blog: Anarchy in Chicago: "My Kinda Town"

If people don't think we're being invaded, I think the alien march in my own Chicago demonstrates that we are. 

The malarkey our politicians spewed out was disgraceful. I took notes. I'll bet the Chicago Tribune has a different slant.

The Tribune is on a roll with its sob stories like the one on March 13th's front page titled: "Migrant Laws Breaking Hearts, Homes," [By Hugh Dellios, March 13, 2006]

The so-called hero of the Dellios story, Daniel Alvarez, has two kids, a pregnant wife and he makes $3.90/hr plus tips. He'd better hope his customers are generous. How can a person be so financially irresponsible?

Guess who pays? That's right, you and me.

And Senator Durbin, Gov. Blagojevich and Mayor Daley want more of this?


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