A Michigan Reader Says Build A Wall
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From:  Mike Foster [e-mail]

Re: Allan Wall's Column: Mexico Gloats While Washington Cowers

As a member of the military, I took an oath to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Each time I re-enlisted, I repeated the oath.

What I find troubling is that every politician in this country takes an oath of office. But evidence indicates that many politicians have forgotten their promise to uphold the Constitution and defend America from the invasion occurring along our borders.

I have no ill will against immigrants. I do, however, have no use for people that break our laws with the idea of "catch me if you can," and then have a bunch of bleeding hearts cry foul when patriots try to solve the problem. 

I remember Angel Resendiz, the "Railroad Killer," and his history for repeatedly entering this country, committing crimes, being sent back to Mexico, only to return again and commit numerous murders across this country before he was finally caught.

Additionally, we have thousands of illegals from countries other than Mexico that are getting into the U.S. and are never caught.

I say build a wall, not a fence. When we build a fence that looks more like a ladder, there is something terribly wrong.

Let's plug the leak in our sinking ship before we all drown.

Keep up the good work all of you do at VDARE.COM


Mike Foster is a member of the Michigan Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

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