A South Carolina Reader Says Illegal Aliens Beat Him To Those "Jobs Americans Won't Do"
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From:  J. Richardson [e-mail him]

I am American in one of those jobs that " nobody wants."

My brother and I run a trim construction company in South Carolina.  Between the two of us, we have a combined experience of 30 years in our field.

Because of the influx of illegal aliens into our state (and into our trade), business is so bad that we are thinking of moving on to another field. 

Despite often being the only legal Americans on the job site, we are reduced to being second in line behind illegal aliens to apply trim in houses.

Illegal alien workmanship is poor; they take no pride in their work.

It is a shame to think of homeowners laying their kids down to sleep at night in brand new houses where an illegal immigrant may have run the electrical wiring.

Richardson advertises his company as "100 percent illegal alien free" His website is here.

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