An Arab-American Reader Has More Fodder For An "Anonymous Attorney"
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06/11/07 - A California Reader Is Angered by Senator Edward Kennedy's Selective Compassion

From: Mara Alexander [e-mail her]

Re: Anonymous Attorney's Blog: Insensitive America Claims Another Innocent Victim

The implication of Washington Post reporter Teresa Vargas' story [Another Inmate Held Too Long In Pr. William | Spanish-Speaking Man Victim of Clerical Error, June 8, 2007] is that racism is behind the two clerical errors committed at Price William County jail. According to Vargas that resulted in the delayed release from prison for Luis Duarte who was held on DUI and forged document charges.

However, if racism is the cause, why is it that only Hispanics have these problems? What about all the thousands of other non-white immigrants in and around the metropolitan DC area? 

Could it possibly be that Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, etc., either don't break the law or make the effort to learn English?

Alexander, originally from Michigan, did research in the New York area for her graduate degree on Muslim immigrants.

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