A Texas Reader Smells A Rat
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From: A Weary Citizen

Anyone doubting the resolve of our leaders to sell us out to the open border crowd should read the following excerpt from an email sent out by Texas Senators, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn, via The Republican Party of Texas.

"As debate proceeded, we were preparing to push an amendment that would remove amnesty from the bill by requiring undocumented workers to return home and apply for legal visa status from their home countries. Majority Leader Harry Reid pulled the bill before that amendment could reach the floor."

Note the first sentence that infers that if some kind of "touch back" provision is included the bill is no longer amnesty.

So name games and wordsmithing continue.

Both of the Texas Senators voted against S. 1348 and last year's S.2611 amnesty bill. The touchback provision is a meaningless bureaucratic hoop intended to deceive Americans into believing the Senate bill is not amnesty.

My fear is that the elite want S. 1348 and will continue to change the wording to wear down the public until they succeed.

The politicians don't care that Americans want lower overall immigration numbers, not amnesties.

"A Weary Citizen" is a registered Republican with an MBA from Texas A & M. He works as a financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company.

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