After Epstein's Death, A Reader Remembers A Previous Affirmative-Action Run Jail Scandal
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Re: How Epstein Was Able To Suicide: Smarter, More Committed Than The Guards

From: A Reader In Tennessee [Email him]

I just saw the piece by James Fulford telling us Jeffrey Epstein's jailhouse guards were asleep while on "suicide watch."

Remember this: Never Too Busy to Hate: Affirmative Action Criminal Justice in Atlanta, a 2012 article by Nicholas Stix on Atlanta "Criminal Justice Affirmative Action?"

A paragraph concerning the Atlanta Courthouse Shooter, Brian Nichols: "Nichols still should have been caught before being able to kill anyone. But the deputies who were supposed to be monitoring the cell area via closed circuit TV were instead off, fetching breakfast for their supervisor."

I had been amazed the most high-profile criminal suspect in the United States, supposedly watched 24 hours a day, could kill himself. I should have known that inept stupidity was more likely than conspiracy.

James Fulford writes: At the time, I wrote about the fact that Nichols, a black accused rapist over 6 feet tall and muscular, was escorted by a 5' 3" inch woman court officer, who he had no problem overpowering. But obviously, PC isn't the only thing wrong with the Atlanta Courthouse.

Or, for that matter, the Federal Prison Service:


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