A West Coast Reader Predicts Non-English Speaking Public School Students Will Never Be Educated
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From: Barbara Anderson (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: If Aliens Become Educated, Who Will Do The Jobs "Americans Won't?"

Aliens will never become educated!

Our public schools aren't even educating English-speaking students. Non-speakers will never succeed simply by showing up in the classroom. These students take up teacher time that could be dedicating to other students who might actually benefit from the lessons.

Although English as a Second Language is taught, the method of instruction is a joke. A student may get twenty to thirty minutes of language tutoring per day.  Even bright students can't learn a foreign language in that brief time. And ESL students don't hear a word of English at home since their parents don't speak it either.

Besides getting special classroom tutoring, the student has his homeroom teacher, principal, counseling advocates, translators, and the ESL teacher in frequent school meetings to come to some consensus on how to impart knowledge to the underachiever.

All these entitlements, funded by you and me, are to no avail.

In the meantime, sports, music, and gifted and talented programs—invaluable to our native-born children— are dropped or severely curtailed.

Anderson is a journalist whose latest piece about the North American Union appeared in the online magazine American Chronicle. Read it here. Her previous letter to VDARE.COM charging that President Bush is not a "true American" is here and a prior letter here. Her recent essay, The Courtship of John McCain also appeared in American Chronicle.

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