An Idaho Reader Says to End Hiring Teachers Abroad, End Immigration
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A Virginia Reader Is Angry at Brownback

From: Robert B. Murray II, Ph.D. [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: As I Predicted, Lodi Unified School District Takes the Bait, Hires Filipino Teachers

Joe Guzzardi's article on Filipino hiring in the Lodi School District pointed out a problem that extends throughout the U.S. 

The solution is not to raise wages for U.S. schoolteachers, but to stop the idiocy of huge legal and massive illegal entries. 

Every school district is facing not only the need for teachers, but also the constant pressure on homeowners to fund more classrooms and schools

We need to demand from this supposed government of ours the deportation of the 20 million plus illegal aliens, stop making their babies citizens, and eliminate the family reunification fiasco given to us by our favorite Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy.

If Kennedy, Arizona's John McCain, and my own Senator Larry Craig have their way expect to see several Filipinos or Mexican teachers in every school district in the U.S.

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