A San Francisco Reader Wonders If The Ninth Circuit Court Considers Immigrant "Isolation" As Excuse For Kidnapping And Murder
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From: J. J. Rappatoni (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Lawyer Says California's Ninth Circuit Court "Hammers Whites Daily"

Letter writer Wallace Johnson's gives interesting insights into the quality of some immigrants the U.S. legally allows into the country.

According to the weekly webzine India Abroad, when Mohammed Haroon Ali killed Tracey Biletnikoff he was already on probation for kidnapping an ex-girlfriend. Ali was also addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine, having sniffed gas and chewed cava in Fiji.

According to Ali's lawyer Chris Morales, his client's addictions were caused by the extreme isolation he experienced living in the U.S. [Fijian Indian on Trial for Killing Football Legend's Daughter, by Suleman Din, Rediff.com, March 30, 2001]

Perhaps California's Ninth Circuit Court that ordered a retrial for Ali feels that "isolation" is a good enough excuse for him to kidnap and murder?

Rappatoni attends the University of San Francisco

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