A Virginia Reader Object To Local Media Cheering The Indianization Of Loudoun County
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

Having resided in Northern Virginia area for a while now, I have noticed a staggering increase in the Asian Indian population over that time.  For some reason the subject has been largely ignored in the local press until I saw this article New Delhi, New Loudoun: Indian Community Adds Welcome Diversity  [by Mike Stankiewicz, The Loudoun Tribune, June 17, 2016]. Besides the racist title (what is wrong with a predominately white population?) it did provide some useful statistics:

“As recently as 1990, Loudoun had fewer than 400 Indian-born residents. The number rose to about 2,300 in 2000 and in the latest census to almost 20,000. County officials speculate that the number is already much higher.”
I will buy that—you go into some neighborhoods in this area and it is if you arrived in Bangalore.  Funny thing is there are also scads of elderly Indians doddering around and I really doubt they are here on the H or L series of work visas.  More likely, they're being supported by America taxpayers on programs like SSI.  Bear in mind there is now virtually no enforcement of the various visa over-staying types in this country.
“County officials agree that many more Indians are likely to make their homes in Loudoun as the local IT industry continues to boom and public education and transportation remain high priorities. Their participation in local government and politics is also transforming the county.”
Without a doubt the Indians are muscling and buying their way into the local political scene.  I frequent local Republican gatherings and have noticed an increasing number of Indians who are making their interests (more immigration of Indians?) and dollars known.

When analyzing the effects of the Indian immigration (colonization?) to America we should heed Enoch Powell’s words: “numbers are of the essence”.  India with a population of 1.3B is four times that of the United States, 320M.  An even more sobering fact is that India, one country in Asia, has a greater population than there are European whites in the entire world (in the 900M range).  Immigration from India can potentially be overwhelming, and should be halted…now!

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