A Reader Reports Astonishing Hate Directed Towards A Civil Rights Litigant—But It's OK
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From: An Irish-American Reader [Email him]

Have you seen the  Twitter hashtags #BeckyWithTheBadGrades and #ByeAbby (formerly #StayMadAbby)? They’re filled with astonishing personal attacks on Abigail Fisher, the young woman who is the plaintiff in Fisher v. Texas, which the Supreme Court decided against her (and in favor of affirmative action) last week.

I'm apoplectic.  It's not enough that they win the right to continue to discriminate against whites. They have to ridicule and torment one innocent victim who had the guts to fight the rigged system.

I am in utter despair for humanity, that such astounding hypocrisy exists— that people can talk out of one side of their mouths about the evils of racism, and how they're thwarted by "microaggressions" at every turn, while out of the other side they heap abuse and scorn on this woman, because she is white.



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