An English Expat In Spain Cheers Brexit
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Re: John Derbyshire's post Rule Britannia! John Derbyshire On Brexit, The Immigrant And Geezer Votes, And…Donald J. Trump

From: An Englishwoman In Spain [Email her]

I am a Brit living in Spain, so I am reading all I can get my hands on about Brexit.

I myself was a Brexit supporter but unable to vote thanks to Tony Blair's government banning expat voting.

I am trying to mentor people to stand tall and be proud and to embrace the rest of the world.

I too always felt Enoch Powell was right although we were never allowed to voice our opinions because of political correctness. Well , now at last I hope that Britain will become British again. Not that I dislike foreigners who pay their way and are prepared to work. I am an immigrant in Spain (from Britain).

I just hope that Britain can leave Europe behind and more important to convince the young people we have made the right decision in leaving.

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