A Virginia Reader (American) Challenges Peter Brimelow On Hispanic Sadism; Peter Replies
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From: Rick Drake (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Column: Are Hispanics Sadistic? Tormenting A "Sexy Girl"

Columns like Brimelow's could alienate people willing to consider the immigration restriction issue in an objective light.

Brimelow threw out a provocative question and through hints and innuendo pretends to not answer it even though his pointless cheap shots are there for everyone to see.

What's worse Brimelow, VDARE.COM's founder and chief editor, has written many thoughtful pieces.

Brimelow wants me to believe that Hispanic popular culture is more debased than MTV, the hundreds of degrading reality shows on American television or the U.S. celebrity cult where an entire industry revolves around adulterous affairs, drug problems and neurotic meltdowns.

Are the American slasher films that teenagers love not sadistic? Please don't tell me that U.S. television is more sensitive than its Mexican counterpart.

Where but in the U.S. could no-talent hacks like Charles Bronson, Chuck Norris and others become famous by starring in films that are nothing but an ode to machismo?

I'm not suggesting that Mexico adheres to any standard of quality, but as degraded popular entertainment it's got nothing on American TV.

Since Brimelow admits to not keeping up with contemporary American pop culture (and who can blame him?) then he should probably refrain from making sweeping arguments that only make him look hypocritical and self-righteous.

Brimelow would never write a column titled: "Are Anglos Sadistic?" because it's a cheap generalization that diminishes the credibility of his website.

Peter Brimelow replies: I wouldn't write a column called "Are Anglos sadistic?" for the simple reason that I don't think they are, but I'd certainly criticize them for extreme individualism, anti-intellectualism etc.—any faults I think they actually do have. The kind of impressionistic tu quoque argument our reader uses would tend to the conclusion that there are no differences between cultures, since none are completely devoid of characteristics found in others. But there are differences between cultures. Apart from anything else, as I said in my article, I just don't think American feminists would allow the sexual sadism so flagrant in the "Sexy Girl" clip.

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