A CA Reader Says Blame Mexican Drug Cartels For LA's Fires
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From: Angie Saxon (e-mail her)

Re: Why Is California Burning? Because It's Importing Poverty

Read Linda Thom literally when she wrote at the conclusion of her column, "California is toast."

On Monday, I drove through Los Angeles and had problems breathing for the next 1.5 hours. Thick smoke covers the high population areas.

Talk show host Roger Hedgecock last night said it is highly likely that the fire was started by the Mexican drug cartels in our national parks.

Law enforcement officers called in to confirm Hedgecock's claim.  One officer wondered why, if Google Earth can see him walking out of his condo, we can't locate the huge marijuana farms in our national forests?

The police are aware of the drug cartels' threat and routinely issue warnings to park visitors.

I view Los Angeles' fires as a slow motion 9-11 bringing with them the fatal long term health effects of breathing in dense smoke for days.  Think of the physical consequences of suddenly smoking 24-7 for several weeks at a time. Many of the infirm will die from health complications such as asthma, emphysema, etc.  And many more in perfect health are breathing millions of ash particles every minute.

Our despicable foreign enemies perpetrated this evil.

We have lost our cities to the hordes of Third World invaders forced on us by a hostile government that has seized control from "We the People." Now they have also destroyed our recreational areas.

Saxon's previous letter about the University of California's decision to expand the numbers of Asian ethnicities to its admission categories is here.

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