A Utah Reader Notices A Positive Development Among Certain Democratic Senators
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06/13/07 - A Texas Reader Smells A Rat

From: Craig Russell

Re: "An Economist's" Blog: Revolt of the Non-Elites In the Senate

Your "economist" writer suggested that all 29 senators who voted against cloture during the roll call on S. 1348 are opposed to any amnesty bill.

That may be true this year. But at least three names among the 29 voted for an even worse amnesty bill last year, S. 2611: Mary Landrieu (LA.), Mark Pryor (AR) and Max Baucus (MT).

See the vote tally here.

What interesting common denominator do they share? They are all Democrats from conservative states…who happen to be up for re-election next year.

Russell lives in the Salt Lake City area.

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